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Project Experience

Supply Installation and Commissioning of 10x units Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant for KBR Inc. (New Iraqi Army, Kirkush, Iraq)

• Supply of 2x20 hp pumps capable of pumping 250 ltrs. Per minute. Total Value of Contract 2.5 Million USDM.

General office services for the EBSM Site Offices for Kuwait Styrene Co.

• Supply all adequate labor, supervision, tools, equipment, installed and consumable materials, services, testing devices, and warehousing for Olefins II project. Total value of Contract 2.5 Million Dollars.

General Maintenance Services for PMC Building for Equate Petrochemical Co.

• Supply all adequate labor, supervision, tools, equipment, installed and consumable materials, services, testing devices and warehousing for Olefins II project. Total Value of contract 2.5 Million Dollars.

Installation & Commissioning of Flow lines and associated works, at South and East Kuwait area KOC

• Installation of 180 Kms of Pipeline in different locations in South and East areas for KOC, which includes, pigging, hydro-testing and commissioning.

Supply Installation and Commissioning of Coke Capline Plant

• Fabrication of Structural steel pipe rack, fabrication, erection and testing of 2m dia. Horizontal tanks, and 5m dia. Vertical tank
• Fabrication, erection and testing of piping.
• Sandblasting and painting of entire piping and tanks and commissioning.

Installation and commissioning of Flow line and associated work for 6” injector well

• Fabrication, Erection, Testing and commissioning of 40 Km flow line.

Waste Crude Purification Plant near GC-17, KOC.

• Fabrication, Erection & Testing of Waste Crude Purification Plant, Land Surveying services for civil and mechanical works, sandblasting & painting for GULF GLOBAL OIL Technology Co.

Replacement of 6”waste crude line from separator to collector area.

• Land surveying services, Excavation of trench for underground piping, sandblasting, wrapping and painting, welding, testing and erection of 6” pipes for Chevron Kuwait.

Maintenance of 16” crude line from Wafra to Mina al-Soor

• Sandblasting and wrapping of pipes in various locations.

Piping project for International Hospital Project, Salmiya

• Fabrication, erection, welding and testing of fire fighting piping, installation of sprinkler, copper piping for gas lines, and duct piping.

Jaber Al Ahmed City, Infrastructure Works

• Installation of Chain Link Fence & Gates for protection of KOC Live Gas/Oil Pipelines – For Ahmadiah Contracting Removal of sleeve pipe from KOC Live Gas/Oil Pipelines – for Ahmadiah Contracting.

• Removal of insulation and application of High Temperature resistant painting to KOC HFO Pipes for Ahmadiah Contracting.

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

• Shutdown job for rerouting of Copper line.

• Installation of new valves.

• Hydro testing and commissioning.

RDE-OHL-BOODAI-TREVI-JV / Abdul Nasser Street Project

• Supply of Corrugated Galvanized round steel duct & assisting for their installation.

HP GAN Compressor Project at Shuiaba Oxygen

• Erection of HP GAN Compressor with one vessel & associated piping works, which includes procurement of pipes & fittings.

• Welding with related NDT services & commissioning.

• Installation of 4 core cables from LT panel to distribution panel for Compressor on Cable Tray, with Glanding & Termination.

• Testing & Commissioning.